Navigating The Need For IVF Policies 

1 in 7 couples in the UK are having difficulty conceiving and are increasingly undergoing treatment, such as IVF. 

Given the high number of people facing fertility issues, it’s likely that someone on your team is dealing with this challenge. 

As a business leader, are you aware of any employees facing these difficulties? Probably not. Let’s change that.  

Understanding the unspoken struggles of infertility in the workplace

As with most personal problems, people often feel uncomfortable bringing them to work. Fertility issues are a sensitive topic without the added stress of addressing them among colleagues. We can join forces to change this and create a more comfortable work environment for everyone. Let’s start by identifying the reasons why you might not know about your employees’ fertility problems: 

  • There might be worries about being perceived as less committed or capable to their job role and worry about career advancement as a result of this 
  • Fear of discrimination based on past experiences and a lack of understanding about fertility challenges 
  • Discussing their problems aloud may be too emotionally taxing, difficult and embarrassing 
  • The lack of support and policies for fertility-related issues may discourage employees from opening up 

You don’t have to be a family counsellor alongside being a boss to get an effective process going. You just need to understand the importance of doing so and have your heart in the right place.  


Support in the workplace can take many forms, such as specific training for managers and a naturally supportive business culture. However, the most effective form of support in this situation is an IVF policy. These can be curated to touch all bases and provide employees with everything they need from a business during their IVF journey. 

At Tercus HR, we offer tailored IVF policies to your specific business needs. We create these policies with sincerity and understanding, helping you create a climate where employees aren’t apprehensive about using them. 

Some things an IVF policy may include are: 

  • Flexible working 
  • Special leave and absence processes 
  • Counselling services 
  • Educational resources 


You’ve introduced a fantastic and much needed IVF policy. Now you can celebrate its impact:  

  • Increased employee wellbeing and morale by acknowledging and supporting employees through family planning 
  • Attracting and retaining talent, particularly those who value family-friendly policies. This in turn reduces turnover 
  • Improved productivity by providing flexibility for medical appointments and treatments, reducing potential stress and distractions 
  • Curating a positive employer brand by being a socially responsible and employee-centric organisation 
  • Adopting a positive workplace culture where employees feel comfortable discussing personal matters, contributing to a more open and communicative environment 

Every policy you introduce into your business will only benefit you overall. Particularly when people need them, and they’re not just thrown in there without much consideration. Getting this one right is critical, so let’s do it right. 


Here’s the bit you were dreading. The reality is, there’s nothing to fear if you get the right help. So, what do you need to know? 

There’s no statutory right to time off work for fertility treatment, which is why a policy is desperately needed and companies should treat medical appointments related to IVF the same as any other medical appointment. 

Once implantation happens, the woman is considered pregnant and is protected under the Equality Act 2010. If the treatment is successful and she stays pregnant, protection against pregnancy-related discrimination lasts until the end of maternity leave. If unsuccessful, protection ends two weeks after the end of the pregnancy. If a pregnancy test taken two weeks post-implantation is negative, the protected period extends for an additional two weeks. 


There isn’t a ‘one size fits all’ HR model that suits everyone. The workforce has never been more diverse, and people value different things. Naturally, more people are valuing parental and fertility benefits as it becomes a bigger societal issue. 

Introducing tailored IVF policies can make a significant impact. At Tercus HR, we specialise in crafting sincere and effective policies that not only meet business needs but also create a climate where employees feel supported and confident to seek help. 

The fact that you’re reading this already makes you a better employer, you just need to act on it. Reach out today to get things in motion.