This is a one-day workshop providing training in personal safety and security awareness for females. The purpose is to empower women with the mental emotional and physical skills required for effective security and safety at home, when commuting locally and travelling internationally.

Robbery, petty crime, sexual violence and intimidation are some of the threats women face in today’s cyber-dominated world and in times of social uncertainty and stress, the threat level increases.

Self-defence and self-protection are often confused as being the same thing. Both are important to everyone’s continued wellbeing but self-defence deals with reacting once a situation has been initiated and self-protection is a mindset that is based on developing an avoidant personal protection strategy. By learning and employing pre-emptive self-protection tactics, you greatly increase your chances of keeping out of harm’s way in the first place.

For personal protection to be effective there are three things you absolutely must do:

  • Take Personal Protection Seriously
  • Engage in Prior Planning to Limit Unnecessary Risk
  • Develop Situational Awareness

During this workshop we will be exploring a variety of subjects, which could include any of the following, dependent on the needs of the audience:

  • Your Personality & What That Means to Your Risk Profile
  • Situational Awareness and Avoidance Training
  • Body Language & How to be a ‘Hard Target’
  • Scenario Planning & Tactical Responses
  • Conflict Management at Work
  • Home, Car & Travel Security including Abduction
  • Narcissism & Abusive Partners
  • Date & Acquaintance Protection
  • Stalkers & Stalking
  • Narcissism & Abusive Partners
  • Online Personal Protection
  • Parent & Children
  • Muggers & Pick Pockets
  • Managing Fear & Realistic Self-Defence Tactics
  • The Law and Your Rights

Who’s the Workshop Suitable For?

All females over the age of 18, engaged in business, personal-related travel and work situations, including those travelling to high-risk locations or just going out for drinks with friends in town.

Females under the age of 18 must be accompanied by a parent or guardian, but please bear in mind this will cover adult themes.

The Style of the Workshop

The workshop is designed to empower learners to understand their own innate skills and problem-solving abilities with regard to personal protection. Therefore, a coaching and facilitation style of instruction is utilised, unless direct training is necessary.

Additional Options

Further workshops and 1-2-1 coaching are available for more in-depth physical tactics training and confidence coaching F2F or Online.

The Instructor – Martin Murphy is a former UK Special Forces operative and international trouble shooter, adviser, and security trainer. He was involved for many years in the close-protection of ‘A’ list celebrities and ‘High Net Worth’ clients. He was involved in one of the first ‘Stalking’ cases which secured a conviction and is a member of The British Combat & Self-Protection Association. He has trained members of the NHS, Police, and was recently involved in leadership development of military intelligence officers, operating in conflict zones.

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