Taming oppressive admin tasks with HRIS

At Tercus, we’ve partnered with MyHRToolkit because we know the pain of endless admin. Imagine clawing back 3,840 minutes which is 64 hours a year or 80 minutes each week—that’s a lot of time that’s normally sunk into those mind-numbing repetitive tasks over a 48-week work year. 

These tasks are relentless, unavoidable, yes, but they’re not unbeatable. The Human Resources Information System (HRIS) just gets the job done. No fuss, no mess, no wasted time. 

What is HRIS? 

A Human Resources Information System (HRIS) is like a virtual filing cabinet. It’s where all the important employee data lives.  This system handles payroll, manages time offs and speeds up recruitment, turning hours of grunt work into minutes of smart work. 

Those HR tasks that used to take all day? Forget them. A few clicks and you’re done.  

How a HRIS can help you

HRIS gathers all employee information in one spot—you won’t miss a thing. It sharpens team performance with no-nonsense, impactful interventions. Sorting out holidays or tracking sick days? Done in no time, freeing you from what used to be a frustrating drain on your resources. 

It connects training with your business goals, organises documents efficiently and analyses vital data like turnover and demographics. You have the insights to make decisive, informed choices (exactly what you need).  

With HRIS, your teams truly sync up, tackling tasks with the kind of efficiency that pushes the whole operation forward. This system solidifies your entire operation, protecting your business from inefficiencies, and making sure everything operates at peak performance.  

It’s about cutting through the nonsense, addressing issues head-on, and getting results. Because, like our clients, we’re in the trenches too, and we know that nothing irks a business owner more than time wasted on avoidable problems. We talk, we listen, and then we act decisively. This is how we stay ahead

There’s more than meets the eye

HRIS isn’t just about making things neater. These systems, they’re not too pricey and they cut down on those errors that can eat into your time. You need that time to push the business forward, not fuss over paperwork. It slots into your existing setups, like accounting or CRM, pulling everything together

It shores up your security too, keeping all that compliance and record-keeping in line, which is crucial with all the regulations we juggle.  

HRIS also lays all the data and insights out there so you can make sharp decisions about who’s doing what and where resources need to go. Honestly, in times like these, when it’s tough to find commitment and perseverance, HRIS is the backbone. You can’t afford to skip on something that keeps you this prepared and protected. 

Get on track with Tercus HR

You should understand by now the importance of HRIS and how it can really fit into your business and boost your team’s performance. 

Trust me, we know our stuff when it comes to HR. If there’s one thing we consistently recommend to our SME clients, it’s getting on board with HRIS. At Tercus HR, we’re here to guide you to the right system, one that’ll cut through your admin overload so you can focus on excelling at what you do best. If you’re keen to get started right away, reach out and we can give you a free demo of MyHRTookit who – much like us – are easy to use, designed with SMEs in mind and don’t tie you down with long-term contracts. 

Save time, money and energy—reach out to us today. Let’s get this sorted.