Is Your HR Outsourced or Out of Sorts?

Around 45% of small business owners spend almost an entire day a week or more on administrative HR issues. This highlights why it’s becoming more common for SMEs to outsource their HR. Whether it’s an entire strategy remodel or just saving the legwork of catching up with legislation, having experts to lean on can save the working day.  

There are many reasons why you may be considering it, maybe your company has growing pains and you haven’t got time to babysit the HR. Or you might be considering how you could enrich your employee’s work life to show your appreciation but you’re not the emotional kind. Or perhaps you’d simply rather not deal with the boring bits.  

HR doesn’t have to be scary. We’re not the type to intimidate you with red tape and complicated jargon. We keep it straightforward and get stuck in with tailored solutions.  

It might be the answer to all your problems, or maybe we’re better off lonely… 

Let’s see if we’re a match!  

The benefits of outsourcing your HR  

If you’re struggling to think of reasons why you can’t just do it yourself, let us shine some light on the benefits you may experience by working with a specialist HR team:  

Saving money 

An internal HR adviser can prove costly in comparison to working with a specialist company. It also allows you to be specific with your HR expenses and only pay for services that are relevant to your company. Not to mention, you mitigate the risk of poor management and the financial consequences that brings.  

Access to expertise 

You can relax knowing that you’re in specialist hands. You can learn things over time, without the weighted pressure of having to make things good and proper.  

Improved efficiency  

As for time, you can disperse the many hours spent fretting over mundane tasks into your core business process and reap the benefits of success.  

Greater flexibility  

You can specify what help you need, as and when you need it without the hassle of strategising and implementing it yourself.  

Of course, there are plenty of justifiable reasons to outsource. But if we are anything, we are honest, and it might not work for you. 

The possible disadvantages  

If you’re the type of person that struggles with loosening your grip on control, you may find it hard to pass the responsibility to a team outside of your business.  

Therefore, maybe an in-house HR adviser would be a better choice as you would have a greater feeling of their daily operations. It may also be harder for your employees to build a relationship with someone who isn’t just a short walk away, they may prefer face-to-face discussions rather than emailing their problems to a somewhat ambiguous figure over the phone or via email.  

Is outsourcing HR operations the solution for your organisation?  

If you’re still on the fence about which route to take, we have formed a checklist to aid better judgement. If you need help with two or more of these questions, we are probably a good match.  

  • Do you struggle with filing important employee documents? Honestly, can you guarantee right now that your employee data is safe and not floating around the internet in a questionable location somewhere?  
  • Do you have an employee handbook where all policies and procedures are laid out clearly, leaving no questions?  
  • Are you recruiting the level of talent you require at the speed you want?  
  • Do you have individual sit-down performance reviews with your staff more than once a quarter?  
  • Do you tire of spending hours on your payroll, admin and audits each month?

Making good decisions for your small business  

At Tercus HR, we are committed to helping you find the best solution. We will help you navigate the HR landscape either on a retainer basis or whenever you need us.  

We keep our service bespoke and sweat the small stuff at every stage. No business is small in our eyes. We are right here for you at any time.  

Reach out today to have a chat about what you have got going on.