Your Core Business Values and How These Can Affect Your Employees

We all have internal values that make us who we are.

However, when it comes to values at work, they slightly differ. Company values should run through your entire team and the people you work alongside. Plus, your core business values are easily one of the most important factors when it comes to expanding your team and elevating your corporate offering.

In this blog, we will delve deep into the benefits of strong core business values and get you thinking about your own business values.

Shout to the Top – How to identify your values

When it comes to core values, you need to showcase that they are:

  • relevant
  • inspiring
  • communicated well to employees
  • embraced by managers

Essentially, as your employees progress in the business, they should develop an understanding on how values relate to their roles and the success of a company. We advocate to avoid using stereotypical words and try to dig deep into what makes your company you. For instance, say you want loyalty as a value, don’t just put it on a wall and forget about it. Take it that step further and explain why it is important to you.

The best business values are effective when they are communicated clearly with employees. Whether this is reinforced with training or a reward scheme, making them abundantly clear will spur on your employees to live and breathe your values.

The Benefits of Strong Company Values

Now that we’ve illustrated what strong company values look like, we want to talk about some of the key benefits associated with them.

Employee performance

When employees embrace the company values that you have identified as the most important, you should start to see an uplift in results.

This is because employees who actively invest in your core values will have a better understanding of their own role, embody the values and attitudes they need to adopt to perform at their best, and use these values to guide their actions in otherwise unfamiliar areas and difficult situations.

Employee engagement

To reach amazing employee engagement can sometimes feel like an impossible task. It is the sum of how committed, how dynamic, and how focused your employees are when it comes to their work. When employees are disengaged, they are likely to put in less effort, actively look for other jobs, and ultimately leave your business.

When you have solid core values, engagement can increase job satisfaction and workplace team spirit. Aim to build a workplace culture built on principles that your employees want and do believe in.

The knock-on effect of this is your employees will find more satisfaction in the work they do.

Great values, greater prospects

By having brilliant company values, you can stand out from the crowd when looking to expand your business.

In the first instance, when potential employees find your core values inspirational, they are more inclined to apply for a position than for a business that is dull and uninspiring. This gives you access to a greater pool of candidates to choose from.

Furthermore, if your business is known for a strong culture built on values that are true to your business, the old power of word of mouth can travel fast. What happens next is your reputation as a business to work for will grow, increasing the number of people who want to work for you.

Do you need help defining your core values?

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