What’s it like to work with Tercus HR?

With loads of different HR providers to choose from, it can feel a little cluttered out there.

In this case study, we’re here to bring you an example of what it’s like to work with Tercus, what we can do for you and why we’re the right choice for HR support for you. 

Our typical clients are small to medium-sized businesses with around 10 – 50 employees. We’re a boutique HR company and we enjoy the personal relationships we get to have with smaller businesses. Our clients cover a range of industries including hospitality, tech, education and more.

We know what it’s like when things go wrong fast, and you need someone to lean on.

Our clients often get in touch with us when things have got to emergency status, and they need a solution fast!

As your business starts to grow from a start-up into a fully-fledged organisation, you can expect more demands to be made from your employees and sometimes you need a helping hand. This is where we can step in– we’re here for you and we always will be.

Who works with us?

A client in the social care sector contacted us in an emergency. They are a nationally recognised company and are a part of a heavily regulated industry with hundreds of employees and departments.

They used Tercus because they have a large and transient workforce which brings about lots of different HR issues. They needed quick results, so they required in-depth know-how of HR, employment law and importantly in this case – the tribunal system.

What was the problem?

On three occasions in the space of only one month, this client received employee tribunal claims telling them they were due in court in only four days’ time. Our client didn’t know why they were receiving the claims, what to do or how to resolve the problem.

Panic was definitely setting in. 

The reality of the situation for them was:

  • They’d had no prior notice of the claims.
  • A risk that a judgement could be made based only one side of the story (the employee’s)
  • No time to appoint a lawyer.
  • Not even time to attend court.
  • No response from calls or emails to the court.

What were the challenges that came with the problem?

Like many businesses over the last 12-18 months, our client had a lot of people working from home.

Remote working has caused a major backlog in the employment tribunal system – claims are being sent without both parties receiving them, court dates are sent without both parties knowing, judgements are being made without both, or even one of the parties responding.

Basically – it’s chaos.

What were the challenges that came with the problem?

They were in a mess, but we knew what to do – we rolled up our sleeves and got to work. The first thing we needed to do was find out what was going on! With the knowledge we have, we called ACAS and reopened the conciliation process; we got the client and their employees talking to each other. Because we acted quickly, we got a solution quickly.

The outcome?

  • We got each claim settled, fast, keeping everyone happy in the process.
  • We avoided an unfair judgement, because our client didn’t have the chance to defend themselves.
  • We avoided court.
  • We saved our client time, embarrassment and over £100,000.

How do we make it easier for you?

People are a business’s greatest asset, but the world of HR can be a tricky one. A lot of businesses operate without an HR department with many giving HR roles to employees who aren’t qualified or experienced.

This is where Tercus HR can help your business navigate the HR landscape either on a retainer basis or whenever you need us.

  • We can help explain the laws around HR– taking the stress out of it.
  • We act quickly, fairly and we’re always going to do what’s right.
  • We sweat the small stuff by gathering the data and working out all the costs, so you know what you’re dealing with.
  • We know what to look for and where to find it, so we can start having honest transparent conversations to get the ball rolling as quickly as possible.

At Tercus HR, we’re committed to helping you achieve the best possible solution. We are always honest, and we never just tell people what they want to hear. Good news or bad, you’ll get the facts and the support needed to handle them.

We’re right here for you

What keeps us doing what we do, is what attracted us to the industry in the first place: a passion for people. After years in the business, we still wear our hearts on our sleeves. We’ll be with you through the highs and the lows, and we live by the saying, “When you win, we win”, and we wouldn’t have it any other way.

Sure, we’re growing as a company, but we never want to get too big for our boots and lose our passion and human touch that keeps us doing what we do every day. That’s why so many of our clients stick by us because we stick by them. In fact, we still work with many of our earliest clients including our first ever client from back in 2015.

When it comes to HR, we really do take it personally. 

If you need help with your HR headache, get in touch with us here.