The World is Your Oyster

Pre-pandemic, there were whispers within the workplace. With advancements in personal technology and connectivity, questions started to be asked. 

“Do we always need to be in an office to do work?” “Can we still work collaboratively in different locations?” 

Then the pandemic hit and answered all these questions. We discovered that individuals and teams can perform whilst being in different places which has given way to new questions.  

“Is this new work format here to stay?” “Can we truly work from anywhere?” 

We believe the answer is yes.  

In this blog, we will be discussing why we think working from anywhere (WFA) is here to stay and share with you our latest policy. 

More flexibility, more productivity, more contentment 

We believe that being able to WFA gives employees greater control of what they can do, what they can achieve, and where they are able to do it. As stated above, employees have proven they have the capability to perform in various environments, not just an office. Here are three reasons why we believe WFA could elevate your workplace’s performance.

More flexibility  

By giving your employees more flexibility to WFA, employees no longer need to conform to the standard 9-5 model but can in fact work from any time zone. 

More productivity 

Two of the most imperative topics that arise when it comes to WFA is there is less time spent commuting to the office and typically less distractions at home. When remoting working is done correctly, employees and employers are able to focus on what truly matters – performance. 

More contentment 

By allowing your employees to WFA, you gain access to more fulfilled employees who are happier, more engaged and who enjoy working more.  

Our Nomad Policy

We want to share with you our free Nomad Policy that you can implement directly into your business. We have partnered with Work From There to create bespoke getaway packages designed for your business. By providing straightforward packages, local guides, and incredible concierge support, working from another country as simple and stress-free as it can be.

Nomad working means the ability to work outside of the UK in many destinations worldwide. It enables you to visit friends and family or even stay in a country for a longer period than you normally would. 

If you continue to work whilst you do it, you do not have to take the time off against holidays and lose your holiday allowance. However, you may wish to combine the two options i.e. take an extended holiday with Nomad Working.  

You can download it here.

Is it time you gave the option for your employees to work from anywhere?

As the workplace continues to change (and the world along with it), your business could be a leader –  standing out from the crowd by introducing a Nomad Policy as one of your benefits for your employees.  

If you are thinking of implementing a Nomad Policy into your workplace but you don’t know where to begin, get in contact with us here or email us on