Summer reading (and listening) to stimulate your brain

Summer can often be a great time to reset and slow down. But did you know that this time often leads to some of the greatest ideas? We’ve often found that stepping back to enjoy a change of pace brings about some quality thinking time. After all, the time allows for more reflection. 
That’s why we’ve gathered a whole host of reading (and listening) from some wonderful business professionals. So, grab yourself a drink and head over to your favourite reading spot to enjoy our specially curated reading list – designed to help you ponder the important stuff. 

Adam Insights – Adam Recruitment 

The guys over at We Are Adam – a recruitment business based in London – share their wealth of knowledge and experience on business growth and people management. 
Over the last year, they have been creating a downloadable content series full of insight. However, their latest download, ‘The Future is Flex: Our Ultimate Guide to Flexible, Hybrid and Agile Working Models’, is an easy-to-consume report that will help business leaders to define the strategy that best works for their business. 
This is a great, in-depth read that will help guide anyone who is debating making permanent changes to the way their business operates to some answers. 
Check it out here. 

R.I.P. warm white wine and lanyards: has the way we network changed for the better? – JB Cole  

After hearing that Freshwalks had recently launched in London, this blog piqued our interest. 
JB Cole sat down and spoke to Michael Di Paola founder of Freshwalks and Matthew Stafford, co-founder of 90thers, to discuss how they are breaking the mould of traditional networking with events that foster genuine connections and more. There is no better time than the present to get back into networking and stimulate new business but, after a break, it can feel a little tiresome. 
Is alternative networking the way you go? It’s time to find your tribe here.

Preventing Burnout in Remote Teams – Enthuse Communications  

How are your people finding working from home? Many enjoy the flexibility of home working, grateful to leave the stress of commuting and office life behind them.   
But for others, it’s difficult to maintain a healthy work-life balance when the boundaries between home and work are blurred, particularly for those with caregiving responsibilities, as we discussed in our blog here. 
Enthuse Communications share their thoughts on how you can help your remote teams avoid burnout by strengthening your communications. This is a great follow-on from our discussions around how to create a bond that transcends distance. 
Read it here. 

Your Financial Strategy Score – Helen Fleet  

For those who are regulars, it will be no surprise to see our good friend and Financial Expert, Helen Fleet, pop up on this list.  
Helen Fleet’s Financial Strategy scorecard benchmarks your current approach to growing a profitable and cash stable business against her blueprint for clear and focused business planning.  
Learn the fundamentals on how you score in each key area and identify opportunities to improve the impact effective financial strategy will have on your profitability and cash flow. 
In Helen’s usual style, this tool provides actionable advice that will support you in taking your next steps. This short activity will help provide you with bespoke reading that will help you elevate your business. 
Start here.

Gareth Southgate – The High-Performance Podcast 

It hurt. We know. However, despite the result, we’re proud of how England performed in the Euros and how they united the nation like never before and, largely, this was down to the mastermind of one man (and his squad, but that’s just how leadership works). 
This podcast from the High-Performance guys is extremely inspirational and shares Gareth’s views on how to be an emotionally intelligent leader. 
Take note and incorporate his learnings into your workplace so you can connect with your employees on a deeper, emotional level. 
Listen to it here. 


We hope you enjoy our summer reading and listening choices as much as we did.  
You know where we are if you need us to help you handle any people-based changes you’d like to see in your business. 
Have a great rest of your summer!