Shedding Light on Tribunals and Unfair Dismissals – part 1

A tribunal is not a pleasant experience for anyone involved, except perhaps the lawyers of course, it means a dispute between the employer and employee has gone beyond the point where it can be resolved between them. Tribunals are akin to courts which will look at all the material facts of an employment dispute and make a decision either in favour of the employer or the employee. This week we will explain just how a tribunal works and explore the legal side of employment.
One of the top reasons tribunals take place is for unfair dismissal, this is where the employee believes they have been dismissed illegally for a reason which the law defines as ‘unfair’. These claims can be split into two categories; dismissals which are ‘automatically unfair’ and all other unfair dismissals. In next weeks blog we will discuss both of these categories in more detail.
This article does not cover all aspects of tribunals and employers should seek the appropriate advice if they are being taken to tribunal or believe it is likely they will be.
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