Introducing Tercus – Our New Brand

Exciting news alert: Crosse HR has undergone a rebrand! 

Tercus LTD is our new brand identity, and with it comes thrilling developments. 

Keep reading to learn why we’ve rebranded, the benefits of this transformation and what’s in store for the future of Tercus.  

For newcomers – dive in to discover how it all began. 

For existing clients – we won’t blame you if you skip the first bit (after all, you’ve been part of our journey so far!)

The story so far  

Back in 2013, when Olga was contracting as an HR consultant, serendipity struck. She bumped into a neighbour whose partner needed HR support but didn’t want a full-time employee. 

They agreed that Olga would come in, set up HR and provide services as and when needed. 

She soon acquired similar gigs. It was at this time that Olga realised she loved working solely for herself.  

The freedom to work on her own terms, to build meaningful relationships, to have a bigger impact on smaller businesses – these are things that truly mattered.  

After saving up for a few years through contracting, Olga focused on building her business. 

Seven years later, she has helped countless small businesses through pragmatic and proactive HR consultancy. She’s highly regarded among her peers thanks to her ability to tackle the most complex and delicate issues. There’s nothing Olga Crosse can’t handle, and her clients know it.  

With a growing reputation and client base, Olga wanted to expand the team and solidify her business as a leading HR consultancy. She was just waiting for the right moment to take the leap. That moment came in the most unexpected way.  

What’s in a name?  

“You’re using our company name,” Olga was told by another HR business last March. 

Olga immediately sought advice from a solicitor. Crosse was her last name, after all. 

“It’s going to cost you thousands of pounds to fight this,” the solicitor told her. In that instant, Olga knew it wasn’t worth the time or money. She also realised that this was the perfect opportunity to create a new brand identity that would support her growth goals.  

So, she set out to find a perfect new brand name. But every time she came up with something worthy, it was either trademarked or in danger of being trademarked. 

Eventually, she realised that the name doesn’t matter. It’s what you make of it that counts. So she chose Tercus Ltd, a company name she had bought off-the-shelf several years ago and determined that the meaning would come later and evolve with the business. This exciting development helped Olga move forward with the business’ rebrand.  

Giving Tercus purpose 

Tercus didn’t mean anything, but that was about to change.  

Olga wanted it to stand for all the things she’d spent the past decade cultivating: 

A human touch 

HR isn’t just about admin and law. It’s about understanding people on a human level. Tercus looks at all the angles to ensure people are treated fairly and with humanity. And it’s always there for you, whether that’s fighting your corner or being a friend and confidant.  

The pragmatist  

When you’re in the middle of everything it can feel very messy and hard to see a solution. Tercus takes a pragmatic approach to get to the heart of the problem. There’s no coercion. Just practical advice that delivers clarity and gets the best results, saving you time and energy.  


Tercus sees things for exactly what they are and doesn’t shy away from tackling an unpleasant or sensitive topic. Nor is it there to regurgitate simply what the policies say a business can and can’t do. Tercus speaks plainly to help you understand what’s happened and why, so you can pick the best result.  

Thinking about all the things Tercus stood for made Olga wonder, How can I share this with the world?  

A rebrand to end all rebrands 

It was time to pull out the big guns. First, Olga joined forces with marketing consultants, Mike Pye + Co

Mike and his team of talented marketing experts got to work on creating a brand strategy for Tercus. This included client personas, a newly defined tone of voice, brand positioning and a six-month digital strategy to drive awareness online. 

Mike also put Olga in touch with Richard McBryer, a freelance web designer based in Manchester. And for logo designs and illustrations, Antony Bullivant from Off The Front Creative came highly recommended.  

With the wheels set firmly in motion, Tercus will soon have a shiny new website with targeted content, new logos and a growing digital presence. All of which will serve as a springboard for an exciting future. But what will that look like? Let’s take a look. 

New services on the horizon 

Tercus has its sights set on growth, which will come in the form of new team members and an expanding client base. 

There are also plans to introduce new services bursting with value for new and existing clients. This includes: 

Leadership development: helping business leaders improve their confidence and self-awareness, especially those facing big life changes.  

Wellbeing strategies: teaching employers how to tie wellbeing into their recruitment strategies and make it a more significant part of their culture.  

Mediation counselling: helping leaders manage workplace disputes more effectively by improving their negotiation skills and teaching them how to communicate more empathetically.  

While lots of exciting things are in store for Tercus, Olga has a message for her current clients: 

“Tercus will help us grow, but this won’t change the way we work. We will continue to be a boutique consultancy; every client is important and we will always maintain a personalised service that prioritises your business and its needs first.” 

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