How we work with different leaders

If you were sat across from a past version of yourself and they asked you, ‘What type of leader are you?’, how would you answer? 

These types of questions certainly get you thinking and, more often than not, it can be incredibly difficult to answer.  

A leader can be reactive, proactive or sometimes a mixture of both. But with each type of leadership style, a different approach is needed when it comes to doing business. So, which are you right now? 

In this blog, we explain what these different types of leaders are, how they differ from one another and how we’ll tailor our working relationship to suit your bespoke requirements.  

Reactive Leaders: Agile Entrepreneurs 

Do you take into account each situation and make decisions based on the most recent information? Do you make changes quickly and sweat the small stuff later?

Well, you may be an agile entrepreneur. 

Read on to discover how adopting a unilateral decision-making style has its perks and drawbacks and why Tercus HR is the right partner for you. 

Good vs Bad

When reactive leaders make important, independent decisions, this can often lead to a lack of collaboration between the leader and team. Moreover, a reactive leader tends to be more dictatorial, telling the team what needs to take place, when and how… and the team is supposed to do it. This can often lead to a few cultural issues and, to put it bluntly, some badly thought-through decisions.  

We get it. It’s hard running a business. And how are you supposed to separate your feelings from your business when it’s your life? Psch, we’re still trying to figure that out ourselves… 

Although this may come across as something to be concerned about, being a reactive leader isn’t a bad thing. It means you’re independent and focused on dealing with your problems and how to fix them as they surface. 

But when it gets too much, it’s easy to awaken the sleeping giant and all hell breaks loose! When this happens, you may need someone to put the giant back to sleep. This is where Tercus HR steps in. There’s no battle or baddie that we’re too scared to take on. 

  • Given someone the sack and it’s come back to bite you? 
  • Need quick advice you can rely on with a speedy turnaround? 
  • Want to get rid of someone but need to know how?  
  • Act now, think later attitude left you feeling overwhelmed? 
  • Wondering how to deal with your people problems? 
  • Just need someone on your side? 

When it gets too much for you to handle or an ugly HR issue rears its head, we’re only a phone call away.  

We are experts at helping leaders like you to smooth out any ugly people problems and deal with your crisis as it arises to get you the result you need.  

That’s why we won’t throw the book at you or lecture you on what you should have done. You need results. We get it. 

So, stop wasting your time. Get in touch. We’re confident we can help you get the best result, and we absolutely LOVE a challenge.  

Proactive: The Master Planner

Proactive leaders tend to be those you read about in the latest business weekly – discussing how planning and culture will solve all your problems and make you and your team the best ever. It’s often something to aspire to but, in reality, in trying to achieve this dream team, many proactive leaders set the bar unreasonably high for themselves. 

  • Do you find yourself feeling lonely in business? 
  • Try to plan for every outcome and eliminate problems by putting plans in place? 
  • Feel motivated to do things differently? 
  • Wonder whether you’re doing your best by your employees? 
  • Need someone to help you sense-check and just GET IT? 
  • Ready to put plans in to help you as you grow? 

We get it. You’re a planner. If it’s not in a spreadsheet, memo or to-do list, it doesn’t exist. You’re focused on achieving business results by tapping into the power of your team and, as you grow, you want to do right by them to ensure this continues. 

The good news? You’ll thrive by surrounding yourself with the right team. 

You likely already have the respect of your team, so there’s one thing you don’t need to worry about. But how can you harness your people power as you grow? 

At Tercus HR, we understand that being a proactive leader means you’re more likely to be time spent and more prone to burnout. When you reach this point, all your hard-worked plans start to unravel as you don’t have enough brainpower to push on through…. 

This is why putting the perfect partner in place to look after your people can help you focus on the stuff that really matters, such as growing your business and planning what comes next. 

Outsourcing isn’t an ugly word. We make sure that we’re as emotionally invested as you are in your business; we’ll care about your people and the results you need to succeed. We pride ourselves on our definitive, professional service and being great at what we do. It allows our partners to focus on what they’re great at and why they went into business in the first place. 

Tercus HR is your personal, caped crusader. Like you, we adopt a proactive approach that can assist with growing your business and we’ll always be on your side as we have your best interests at heart.  

Wondering how we can work together? Continue reading. 

The Best of Both

In reality, most of us are a bit of both. Many entrepreneurs get into business with plans and people at the forefront of their business. But as work piles up, inboxes fill and your time becomes scarce, mistakes can happen and we’re left to constantly assess our priorities and react to issues as they arise. Even more so in small businesses when you need an expert to run your ideas past…  

But if it’s inevitable to be both, how can you ensure you’re the best of both? By having an expert partner on hand, of course! 

What leader are you?

As leaders, we’re usually pretty good at looking outwardly at the landscape, our businesses, and our customers, but when did you last look inwardly and assess yourself as a leader. Everyone’s leadership style is different, so we’ve put together a quick quiz to help you understand yourself and the ways you approach leadership, plus some advice on the type of HR function you might need. 

A HR partner that gets it.

We appreciate that your needs may change as you grow. That’s why all of our packages are bespoke to you.  

You don’t want an in-house HR department due to costly overheads but still, want access to proactive HR solutions that save your business time and money? You need someone there to pick up the phone when you call and steer you in the right direction. That’s where our retainer model works best. 

Or you may just need someone to get the job done when you run into a tricky situation. Someone to help you get out of a mess and put you back on track, without any judgement. Our project support is designed to help you as and when you need it. 

Whatever your needs, we’ll build a package around you – without trapping you in with all the spiel about insurance and cancellation fees. We want you to stay because you want to, not because you have to! 

That’s why, unlike a lot of our competitors, we won’t tie you into a complicated contract that you can’t leave if it doesn’t suit you. In fact, we don’t charge exit penalties and we won’t hide behind insurance to trap you. Why? Simply put, you’ll continue to use Tercus HR because you want to.

However, if for any reason we’re not right for you, that’s ok too. 

So what are you waiting for?

If you think we could be a good fit for your business, let’s talk.

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