Appraisals and Objective Setting Toolkit

As we head into 2022, it’s essential to be sharp on appraisals. As well as offering a great opportunity to regularly check in with your employees – which is especially important for those who are remote working – it is crucial for businesses to operate in a lean and efficient manner.

  • Identify what’s working well for you
  • Uncover what’s not working so well
  • Create an action plan to address this

Whether you have no official appraisal policy in place or you just need to refresh your old routine, our Appraisals Toolkit should provide you with everything you need to make a start.
We’ve included some templates to help you along – helping you make the most out of your limited time and budget at this difficult time. We sincerely hope that it helps you power forward with focus and determination.

Appraisals Toolkit

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