Why should you put HR on the agenda?

54% of small businesses handle employment matters themselves.
70% of small businesses add HR onto the workload of employees with little to no experience in workforce issues.
Less than 50% of small business owners are confident in how their company handles HR matters.
100% of all issues with Tercus have been resolved before escalating to tribunal through early intervention.

Can you afford to miss out on building a proactive, HR strategy?

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Who We Are

Businesses are reliant on people and your HR approach can help make yours your biggest asset.

Take a leap on the competition by managing your workforce effectively, building a compelling business that attracts and retains the best talent and establishing positive foundations for the future with proactive HR solutions.

We are here to help business leaders deliver results that works for them.

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From supporting leaders through hard decisions to guiding employers who understand getting the ‘people’ bit right makes a difference, we’ve got a range of packages to help support your business’s success.

So, whether you want to build positive foundations for the future or feel backed in a corner, we can provide a package that suits your business’ needs:

HR for Business

  • HR Policy Training
  • HR Infrastructure
  • HR Administration
  • HR Reviews
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HR for Employers

  • Employee Relations
  • Tribunals
  • Recruitment
  • TUPE
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HR for Leaders

  • Coaching
  • HR Strategy
  • Planning for Change
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Client Testimonials

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Businesses can often feel like a circus. Busy thoughts and people problems often lead to HR-induced headaches. But that doesn’t have to be the case.

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